General Plumbing Services

Homes that were built before the 80’s may have water service lines made of galvanized pipe or black polyethylene. These materials can rust or crack, causing leaks and low water volume issues. We can repair or replace your water service line using trench-less, modern technology to save you money. In most cases only a minimal excavation is required, saving additional labor costs. We’ll save you money in the long run by preventing leaks and ensure your water service is as efficient as possible.

If your home has experienced low water pressure or water leakage – or you’ve remodeled significantly, it may require whole house re-piping to re-route and update your plumbing system. Done Right Plumbing & Heating can replace every pipe in your home, including those coming from the main water valve, bathroom sink, toilet, shower, kitchen sink, laundry tub and any other pipe in your home. With modern materials and planning, our plumbers can accomplish this with the minimal amount of opening of walls and ceilings. We work hard to complete even extensive jobs as soon as possible to minimize inconvenience to our customers.

Water Installation & Remodel

Done Right Plumbing & Heating provides rough-in for drain, waste & water lines. Drain pipes take all waste & grey water to the sewer. Water pipes bring fresh water to your home. Code approved pipes are installed. We include opening of the walls as necessary and test for functionality before we finish each job.

If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you probably need new or updated plumbing components. We can install new sinks, garbage disposals, dishwasher hoses, toilets, tubs, showers, and more. We can also reroute the pipes to and from existing units to meet the needs of the remodeled space, and we also provide backer board and tile as necessary for tub surrounds and flooring.

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